International Money Exchange Rates

Here are the international money exchange rates most searched for on the web between two currencies. That is, the exchange rate searches where people have typed in two currencies (from and to). For example, "Euro Dollar exchange rate".

In some ad hoc, web-based research that I carried out recently, the following were the top 16 currency to currency search terms for exchange rate conversions from one specific currency to another.

The results are ranked in order of demand (volume of searches):

Rank Currency to Currency
1 Euro to Dollar
2 Dollar to Euro
3 US Dollar to Canadian Dollar
4 Dollar to Pound
5 Dollar to Peso
6 Canadian Dollar to US Dollar
7 Pound to Dollar
8 Yen to Dollar
9 Euro to Pound
10 Rand to Dollar
11 Peso to US Dollar
12 Sterling to Dollar
13 Dollar to Rupee
14 Euro to Canadian Dollar
15 Dollar to Yen
16 Pound to Euro

The sources I used were the Google and Yahoo keyword tools with a mix of exchange rate terms and currency conversion synonyms.

This study is not particularly scientific or totally inclusive. For example, it only considers search terms in English and I may have missed some synonyms. I have only included results where the search terms include both the "from" currency AND the "to" currency. I have excluded search terms with just one currency listed, for example, "Australian Dollar exchange rate". The keyword tools create results based on searches with a certain volume, and beyond the 16 results above, no other currency-to-currency specific results were generated.

The study can however be used to show certain trends in searches for information about international money exchange rates. With more time and effort, it would be interesting to see if it matched actual foreign currency conversions rather than just information searches.

It is interesting that the Euro, being the currency with the largest population also has the highest ranking in search terms. However, the US Dollar has the most (6 of 16) specific search terms for exchange rate conversions to other currencies.

The results show influences from various factors including:

  • English language areas
  • Local geographic regions
  • Currencies and countries with strong trade and tourism links

Keyword Results sorted by Currency:


1 Euro = Dollar
9 Euro = Pound
14 Euro = Canadian Dollar

US Dollar

2 Dollar = Euro
3 US Dollar = Canadian Dollar
4 Dollar = Pound
5 Dollar = Peso
13 Dollar = Rupee
15 Dollar = Yen

Canadian Dollar

6 Canadian Dollar = US Dollar

British Pound / Pound Stirling

7 Pound = Dollar
12 Sterling = Dollar
16 Pound = Euro

Japanese Yen

8 Yen = Dollar

South African Rand

10 Rand = Dollar

Mexican Peso

11 Peso = US Dollar

If you click on the highlighted text, you’ll be taken to a currency converter with the relevant international money exchange rates preset in each. A more comprehensive listing of preset currency converters can be seen here.

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