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Worried about getting the best exchange rate? New to buying foreign currency? First overseas trip and needing travel money?

This site continues to be under development so keep checking back. Click on the Currency Converter tab on the left to compare the exchange rate for all your foreign currency conversions. I've also done a free online currency converter with a chart of historical rates.

My name is Peter (about me) and I plan to help you save money... kerching! (The healthy sound of a cash register!)

I've travelled quite a lot (more about me) and I wanted to provide you with all the information you'll need about personal travel money, buying foreign currency and exchange rates, with bits of my hard won advice built up over the years.

I know there are thousands of websites out there that offer advice on travelling and foreign money, but I wanted to give you a site with my own experience that saves you having to look through too many websites to find what you want.

There'll be something for the more seasoned traveller as well – help to find the best rates. You can look through my website and you might get a few more handy tips. In fact, if you've got some great advice or a tip I haven't included, contact me and I'd love to add it.

I'll include:

  • Advice for all those newbies who have never bought foreign currency before
  • Information to help choose the type of money to take – a pre-paid card, travellers cheques (or checks), cash, credit card, dollars
  • I'll help you find the best rates
  • Advice to ease your worries about your safety abroad
  • How to look after your money

I'll add a bit more background information about money if you're interested and want to take the time to explore my site. There'll be information about the names of the currency used in each country in the world (currency list), the history of money, and a few other things too.

I want to make you feel safe when travelling and help you not to worry about the strange money that can feel just plain odd in your hand!

Ready to find out more?

Have a look at our currency converter – it tells you the average current exchange rate you will get for your money. Unfortunately, when you buy the travel money you’ll not quite get the same rate. You'll have to pay a bit more for all those banker types in their suits with the big corporate head offices!

Save money – kerching!

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