Foreign Exchange Markets

Learn about foreign exchange markets and the opportunities they hold.

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While this website is mainly about travel money and foreign currency exchange rates, I do have some knowledge of the basics of forex markets, and I also get lots of requests from readers asking for more information on foreign exchange trading and investing.

I plan on developing my in depth knowledge of forex trading in the future, but in the meantime, here is some background information on it.

Foreign Exchange Markets

What are foreign exchange markets? There are two types of foreign currency markets. One is the retail side for purchasing travel money and the other is the currency trading market.

Currency trading is a global activity where countries need to convert their money into other currencies for trading and banking purposes.

Foreign exchange trading or forex dealing is about speculating on the exchange rate value of one currency rising or falling against another currency. It can be highly risky, but good traders can be very successful at it.

However, it is not something that should be taken up without a lot of background knowledge of global economics, finance and markets as well as the past performance and future trends of many countries. There are also many mathematical modelling tools and computer analysis software packages that can be utilised. These can all add up to the need for a significant amount of knowledge and time required to be successful at forex trading.

Trading also used to be difficult due to the need for access to brokers and the ability to respond quickly to rapid changes in the prices of currencies. Now, with the internet and online trading packages it is easy for individuals to take part in spread betting forex markets and be in with at least with the chance of competing on a level playing field with the investment banks (if not with the same level of resources)!

There are many 'systems' around that can be used to help with forex trading. However, the 'holy grail' trading system does not exist because every forex trader is different. Your own unique forex trading system should be based on your personality, trading style and tolerance for risk.

There are many automated systems, or 'forex robots', around that can be used to help with forex trading. Robots never tire and never let emotions affect their trading. These attributes make them advantageous over manual trading. However, not all forex robots are alike. Review sites can help identify and compare the performance of forex robots.

Online Communities

There are many online communities or forums that exist for members to discuss subjects they are interested in.

One such forum for foreign exchange trading is Top Gold Forum, a popular online community about the industry. You can use the forum to start new topics and reply to others, read news of the industry, develop a profile and make new friends, and even earn points for posting. You'll have to register, but it's a simple process.

Here is a link to their Forex Forum, which as you might expect has all sorts of discussions going on about foreign currency trading.

Futures Trading

Interested in finding out more about Futures Trading? Here's a link to a website called Futures Trading How To - A simple futures trading system giving you information on what you need to know and how to get started in futures trading.

Binary Options

Here's a link to some information about Binary Options Trading from for those who are interested.

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