Pound to Euro Conversion

What is the Pound to Euro conversion rate? Use this simple British Pound to Euro currency converter to find out.

It is preset to show the Pound Sterling (GPB) to Euro (EUR) exchange rate with 1 Pound already entered for you.

You can type in any amount you want to change and you will get the equivalent in Euros.

Or, instead of the Pound to Euro exchange rate, you can use the second drop down list to select any other foreign currency and find out what the current British Pound exchange rate is for that currency.

Click here for a Euro Pound exchange rate preset currency converter.

Once you have the standard exchange rate for your foreign currency, you can go and compare prices from your usual provider - bank, travel agent, post office or bureau de change.

As this website develops, you will find more information to help you with all your exchange rate needs.

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