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Here is a great free online currency converter. It also shows exchange rate history in chart form and can be adjusted to view over different time periods.

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I created this currency converter and exchange rate history widget at, which is an excellent online resource that anyone can use. They aim to make the world’s knowledge computable. Wolfram Alpha provides a fundamentally new way to get knowledge and answers – not by searching the web, but by doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms, and methods.

How to use my free online currency converter

Type the currency codes you are interested in and click submit for information on the currency and a chart of historical valuations.

It is preset to convert 1 United States Dollar to British Pounds. However, you can type in the currency name or currency code of any two currencies and it will convert them quickly and easily to show you the value at the current quoted rate.

You can easily modify the amount (value of currency) you wish to convert and it will recalculate to show the new total.

Most converters provide this information, but one useful feature of this free online currency converter is that it also shows a currency conversion chart.

The exchange rate history displayed in the currency conversion chart has a default setting to show the rate over the last 12 month period. However, there is a tool that allows you to change it to show the exchange rate history over the last month, the last year, the last five years, or the last ten years.

Below the chart is a table that shows the minimum and maximum exchange rate values (and the specific date) over the time period you select.

There is also a button that allows you to reverse the rate. That is, to change from showing 1 US dollar in British Pounds, to show 1 British Pound in US dollars.

Other useful features:

If you just ask it to convert, say, 1 Dollar to Peso, it will make an assumption and provide the results in Mexican Peso, but you can change this to other Peso currencies very easily (for example, Argentine Pesos, or Chilean, Cuban or Dominican Pesos).

Created by with WolframAlpha technology.

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