Australian Currency
Exchange Rate

What Australian currency exchange rate can you get? Look at the following tables for at-a-glance comparison of Australian Dollar (AUD) conversions.

Australia, Sydney Harbour

There are tables of Australian currency exchange rate conversions for countries in the following areas:

  • Major Markets and South East Asia region
  • All Countries

Australian Dollar

The currency used in Australia is the Australian Dollar (AUD).

A quick look down the tables will allow you to compare currencies. The tables show you one column with the local currency value of one Australian Dollar and one column with the value of one unit of the local currency in Australian Dollars.

Australia, wallaby

Key Trading Partners with Australia (Export and Import)

According the World Factbook, there were approximately $271.1 billion (US Dollars) worth of exports from Australia in 2011 ($212.9 billion in 2010, $154.8 billion worth in 2009), the majority of which consisted of coal, iron ore, gold, meat, wool, alumina, wheat, machinery and transport equipment.

Imports to the country were valued at approximately $242.2 billion in 2011 ($194.7 billion in 2010, $159.0 billion in 2009); mainly machinery and transport equipment, computers and office machines, telecommunication equipment and parts; and crude oil and petroleum products.

The following list shows the most important trading partners with Australia for both exports and imports by percentage value.

Exports - partners:

  • China 27.4%, Japan 19.2%, South Korea 8.9%, India 5.8% (2011)
  • China 25.1%, Japan 18.9%, South Korea 8.9%, India 7.1%, US 4.0% (2010)
  • China 21.8%, Japan 19.2%, South Korea 7.9%, India 7.5%, US 4.95%, UK 4.4%, New Zealand 4.1% (2009)

Imports - partners:

  • China 18.5%, US 11.4%, Japan 7.9%, Singapore 6.2%, Germany 4.7% (2011)
  • China 18.7%, US 11.1%, Japan 8.7%, Thailand 5.2%, Singapore 5.1%, Germany 5.0%, Malaysia 4.3% (2010)
  • China 17.9%, US 11.3%, Japan 8.4%, Thailand 5.8%, Singapore 5.5%, Germany 5.3% (2009)

Source: CIA World Factbook

Table of Major Markets and South East Asia Region against Australian Dollar (AUD)

Market Data:

Table of All Countries against Australian Dollar (AUD)

Market Data:

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